The Stepfamily 101: Crash Course for Marriage and Family Therapists


Stepfamilies are not new. What is new is the number of stepfamilies in our culture. Our professionals need to have the necessary tools to service this large population that is in urgent need of support. This course is approved by Marriage & Family Therapy, Inc. for 15 hours (MA & RI) of continuing education credit and is available on-line.


This training class is specifically designed for practicing professionals, marriage & family therapists, and marriage counselors. This course gives professionals the competitive edge that they need in their demanding practice to better serve our families. It provides practical information that allows professionals to gain a clear understanding of the dynamics of stepfamilies that includes how individuals function within the family and social settings. This information is vital to empower our ever changing families to grow, learn, and develop. The goal is to help stepfamilies create a nurturing environment for our children, the future.


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