Your Quick Fix: Emergency Care for the Emotionally Wounded – First Aid for Your Step Family

Just what the doctor ordered. First aid for stepfamilies contains the elements needed to give stepfamilies a second chance to survive the odds. And we all know that the odds are definitely stacked up against stepfamilies.

Today, half of our population is a divorce statistic and the other half is living together with a bunch of kids; some of hers and some of his. Traditional families, the ones with the homemaker mom, and breadwinner dad, have been replaced by stepfamilies. Now, one third of all children under the age of eighteen are living in some sort stepfamily situation. And the situations aren’t all that pretty.

Battle scars that were once inflicted during the divorce are still plainly visible. Turmoil runs rampant in many stepfamilies because of the lack of information which is why urgent care is needed.

Some stepfamilies have emergency situations, others are in crisis. Most stepfamilies suffer from a daily dose of chaos because until now, there wasn’t a cure. This booklet is your remedy. No longer will dad be the walking wounded. No longer will mom be overwhelmed. And no longer will our children be used as weapons in an emotional war between their parents. Emotional battles don’t have to destroy your stepfamily. There is a painless cure that can be administered quickly and easily. And you don’t have to pay a fortune at the doctor’s office for the care. Put the odds in your favor.