The Power Struggle

The power struggle that pits one stepfamily member against another is the number one cause of stepfamily conflict. This fierce emotional blaze that smolders beneath the surface of so many stepfamilies is instantly extinguished with this technique. Power is all about control. Who gets the attention, and who makes the decisions – the child with the birthrights or the adults? Making your stepchild feel important squelches the question of who has more power. Battles over power that are now won with strong wills and pure determination can easily be avoided with this technique. This skill is so simple and easy to use and the results are so profound that you will wonder why everyone isn’t using it.

The reason for power struggles in stepfamilies is because the children (step or not) want attention (all of it) and they want to make (most of) the decisions. Look at it this way, children more or less ruled before stepparents entered the scene. Once children’s opinion’s counted and their advice was sought. Things change. Children all of a sudden aren’t the center of their dating parents world.

By using the technique outlined in the Survival Manual – Step-Parenting.101: The Crash Course For Stepparent your power struggles will be a thing of the past.