There is Enough Love to Go Around

How about the USA Girls’ Soccer team that won?

Each player had skills second to none.

Our whole country, even the president, joined in the fun,

What is it about sports that captivates everyone?


Maybe it’s catchy, that winning attitude.

That is what some would conclude.

But take a look beyond the prelude,

And see just what makes up the teams’ aptitude.


Self-discipline, self-respect, and self-esteem,

Are skills learned from being on a team.

Fans gather together to cheer and scream,

Competition is great, or so it would seem.


In stepfamilies competition is not who is faster,

Rather, it is attention that everyone is after.

What you want to hear is family laughter,

Not about competition causing a family disaster.


You see, what stepfamilies may lack,

Is that feeling of unity, like being part of a pack.

Stepfamilies need to cut each other some slack,

And always protect each other’s back.


I realize, in stepfamilies many kids form the slew,

Which brings to mind a large kind of zoo.

Let me ease you tension and give you a clue,

There is enough love to go around for all of you.