No Kid Has Been Easy To Raise

No Kid has Ever Been Easy to Raise

I constantly hear the same cry,
From stepparents who say, with a sigh,
“Honey I don’t really mean to pry,
But your teenagers excuses don’t fly.”
Granted, teenagers do seem like creatures from outer space,
With green and purple hair, and things on their face,
Leashes around their necks, and rings in every which place,
Sometimes I wonder, are they really part of the human race?
Of course, it would be easy to say the wrong thing,
You know, get back at the kids with a zing.
Kids have such weird and unnatural says they sling,
But stepparents remember, your words carry a sting.
You think when you were a teenager you never did wrong,
I guess, you don’t remember, it’s been so long.
Your time goes way back before they had the thong,
And wasn’t it your generation that invented the bong?
Teenagers take more effort to tame,
Remember they were in the family before you came.
So, before you start spouting words of blame,
Remember whose house and parent you are trying to claim.
Let’s face it, teenagers are just different these days,
It’s a new millennium, a different phase,
Look, your partner could use a little praise,
No kid has ever been easy to raise!