All Mother’s Deserve Respect

It’s time to make a few things perfectly clear,
As Mother’s Day draws near.
Not all stepmothers are mean and cruel,
Actually, there are some that are quite cool.

Stepmothers have a bad reputation,
Let me give you a little clarification.
It all started long ago,
With fairytales you know.

An apple put Snow White to sleep.
The Seven Dwarfs found her in a heap.
Snow White’s Stepmother was the culprit,
Gave her that apple, and watched her gulp it.

She slept so long it was alarming,
Then along came Prince Charming.
Snow White’s Stepmother was no longer the beauty,
It was Snow White that was now the cutie.

Cinderlla worked day and night,
Her stepmother was the cause of her plight.
She had to sneak off to the ball,
Lucky she had her Fairygod Mother to call!

Over these fairtales some stepmothers grieve,
Eventhough they are only make believe.
Because these stories among others,
Are what gave a bad reputation to stepmothers.

I’m sure the authors didn’t know,
How their tales of long ago,
Would effect stepmothers of today,
In sort a harmful kind of way.

Look around if you could,
See the stepmothers that are good.
There are lots of stepmothers to be found,
Because of the many of stepfamiles around.

So don’t be so harsh to judge,
Reputations are easy to smudge.
Your reputation don’t you neglect,
And all mothers deserve your respect.